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-Your Key to Your Visual Aid
1-Looks sorta like the two melded together
2-Hair depends on Fuse
3-Way More Muscle
4-Just dont mess up

My comments
I love fusions.I saw the first time vegita and goku did the fusion dance.

History and Exsplanations
Where shall we begin? Ok i know we'll start with the odviouse question "Whats is Fusion" well fusion is when two warriors combine to make one really strong fighter! However they'er are many things that have to happen first some i dont know and some i dont understand!!
Fist you need two fighters with almost the exact properties.. ex they have to be same height, skill, power, type, ect ect... fail to do this and you will get a bad fuse which, so im told, does happen and the product was a fat Gotega very funny... anyway they also have to do a little dance which is also funny! The dance isn't to hard to comprehend you have to mirror the over person's moves and the fuse sorta begins when both fighters thouch each other then of course you have a big flash of light and walla a new fighter! But there's only one problem, the fuse can only last for half an hour!! so you have to do what you gatta do in a short time period! I also know that Goku sorta discovered it i guess and he found out about it after the Cell game in the 5 years he didnt do anything.